Jeff Schultz gets out in front on the Jason Heyward BP story

Hey, have you heard?  Jason Heyward is gonna be pretty good.  Oh, and he dents cars from 450 feet away in batting practice.

Oh, you have already heard that one? You have a what? A computer?  Oh and it has internet.  I see. Very nice. Good for you.

Well try to pretend that you haven’t read this story three other times I guess:

Bruce Manno drove into the parking lot from hell Friday with a loaner car. His Toyota 4-runner was still in the shop with a crushed sunroof and a bent rack, which is what he gets for parking in Jason Heyward’s landing zone, about 425 feet from home plate behind the right-center field wall at Disney’s Wide World of Sports.

Don’t worry though, if you thought Schultz was just riding the Heyward Hyperbole express, he’s not, he actually has something new to add to the growing legend of the Braves’ future right fielder, coming later today:

“I’m going to post a column later today on Heyward. Before doing so, here’s a little warmup. You’ve no doubt heard of Heyward’s batting practice exploits.”

So while, there’s still an original J-Hey column on the way, Schultz is gonna tell you something he knows you’ve already heard, but just as a warm-up, okay?

Why? Because that’s the kind of cutting-edge reporting the AJC has built its reputation on.

UPDATE: Schultz has filed his latest take on Heyward, warns of inflated expectations.

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