Al vs. Amar’e: War of the words

Hawks-Knicks tonight at Madison Square Garden, which for multiple reasons should be quite the intense match up. As you may recall, the last time these two teams played, they engaged in fisticuffs. After the game, Amar’e Stoudemire set the stage for what should be a chippy rematch, taking this shot at his front-court counterpart, and fellow All-Star, Al Horford:

““It’s going to be a very, very intense game after what happened in Atlanta. He don’t want to see me. I watched him play in Florida, and I’ve seen him play a few years in Atlanta. We’ve got two different games, and we’ll see how it plays out.”

Predictably, Al wasn’t too pleased with the unprovoked attack:

“I don’t understand what he means by I don’t want to see him. Like we are supposed to be scared of him or something. Ain’t nobody scared of nobody. We are all grown men. It’s all good.”

“I walked out with the W’s the last two times, so that’s that.”

Gonna give the advantage to Horford, because the “W’s” are all that matters. Let’s hope the Hawks can grab another tonight.

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